The iPad and similar gadgets’ role in journalism

The Apple iPad came out last week and all over the journalism world, people are asking what effect this while have on our jobs. The Kindle, the Sony Reader, and the iPad are all available to the public, will this help print journalism or cause problems? Well, depends on what you mean by print journalism. Emphasis on print? Well, obviously the readers won’t help there. But when it comes to distribution, I think more people will be reading thanks to these puppies and that can only mean good things for the newspapers that offer subscriptions.

Many professionals have their own opinions. Read about it here and here. My take on it is simple: We are constantly adapting. Every minute, some new technology is created and we adjust to it. Journalism is not dying, folks. Every couple years, journalism has to re-adapt to what’s going on around it. When radio was created, nobody thought we’d still be reading newspapers. When TV arrived, radio was dying…decades later, radio is still around. So maybe print journalism has hit a rough patch, yes. And maybe the future does not include a tangible, recyclable paper in our hands. But journalism—the distribution of news—will not die. People need it. We just can’t be stuck in the past. We have to less stubborn and constantly changing to keep up with the faster world that is technology. The iPad (with it’s dumbass feminine hygiene-esque name) will not KILL journalism. Well, unless it mutates and grows hairy arms and legs and kills every living human alive. Then yes, if the earth is no longer, neither is journalism.



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3 responses to “The iPad and similar gadgets’ role in journalism

  1. Webs

    Nice conclusion. Personally, I already have the hairy arms and legs.

  2. fiercefab

    Ha! Love that last line…
    but you know, we haven’t disproved that all other species lack the ability to do journalism…

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