Multi-Platform Journalism

So for my online magazine course, another prof in the journalism department, Lisa Lynch, came in to talk to us about Multi-Platform Journalism. It’s basically what all journalists will have to get used to: working across many platforms.

What does that mean exactly? Well, let’s use a local example. Frank Cavallaro is the weatherman for CBC Montreal. Of course, weather people are becoming more and more than just somebody to let you know if it’s going to rain or not. They interact with the hosts, and if you actually watch CBC News from 5:30 to 7:00, you’ll see more of Frank than any other reporter or anchor! But Frank is a multi-platform weatherman. He is not only seen on your television, but he is heard on the radio as well. Frank is always on the go. That’s multi-platform, sort of. Radio to Television is still broadcast but Frank also occasionally writes for local papers…about the weather. He is a versatile man, that Frank.

Journalists are going to have to do this more and more. If  you’re a print journalist, be ready to write for the Internet (vrery different than how it’s written in a newspaper), upload your interviews to a site and sometimes even film. My week at the CBC showed me that, you may be known as a reporter for CBC News Radio, but at the same time, you are grabbing a cameraman and feeding back to the TV news, or writing something for the CBC website.

The ultimate multi-platform journalist? One that writes a story for the paper, for the website, records interviews for radio, videotapes the event for TV, tweets, Facebooks and YouTubes, as well as eating, going to the bathroom and sleeping…ALL AT THE SAME TIME. It’s possible, I’m sure. There’s a YouTube video of that stunt somewhere.


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  1. Webs

    You’re not a modern journalist unless you’ve written while on the can.

    Frank is a funny guy, in several senses of the word. Maybe I should bring him into class.

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