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Final project

Last week I pitched a story about sleep but after much thought, I realized I really wouldn’t have enough time before the end of term to do all the research, including sleeping at sleep clinics. But I did come up with a great idea.

On Monday, there was the anti-police brutality march and I was there from beginning to end, shooting photos for my photojournalism class. I took about a hundred photos and some of them are actually ok! After learning a lot about sound slides with Lisa Lynch in class, I was thinking my final project could be a soundslide of the march. I have my eyewitness account of the events that took place, I got the phone number of a protestor who was there and couldn’t give me an interview right away because he was busy getting arrested. I also have some ambient noise, as in the crowd.

I really think this could make a great soundslide. While the beginning of the march was relatively peaceful, it got a bit crazier and crazier until shit hit the fan. I was a bit careless about getting too close and had several confrontations with policeman. They didn’t care if I was student, a journalist or a protestor…everybody was the same to them. I’m looking forward to.

Original photographs, original sound bites, original editing. Looks exciting.


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