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Radio Documentary

For the next assignment of our Broadcasting class, we had to create a doc of 4 minutes. We listened once again to some CBC docs (Prof Conter once worked for them hence the monopoly!) but since they were all half hour docs, it was hard to get a sense of what we could do in such a short time.

I decided to focus on my father, Ralph Leavitt, who went through treatment for cancer about 4 years ago and is going to bike to Quebec City from Montreal for the Ride to Conquer Cancer. You think it’s easier talking to family? Nope. For some reason, they weren’t as loquacious as they normally are (maybe it had something to do with the imposing microphone in face). I had a tough time with this one. The audio wasn’t as good; for some reason it’s a bit crackily. Also, I didn’t think of this but my parents mentioned it; at one point I don’t introduce my sister Amelia again and they think it might be confusing because we sound alike. I don’t think we do, but who knows!

Props to Patrick Watson for the background music…pretty sure sniping it was illegal, don’t sue…it’s a class assignment!



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