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Steve Wozniak talk


Steve Wozniak was in town on Thursday, Sept. 10 to deliver the keynote speech at the 2009 eConcordia Summit. I got a chance to attend the press conference after and ask him a few questions. Turns out the Gazette and several other media were not interested in talking to the man who invented the personal computer so I really was the only “press” there! An excerpt will be published in the Concordian with a teaser to the paper’s website for the full interview. I thought I’d put some of the actual audio here.

Hear the Wizard of Woz talk!


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One Month in

So, I had planned to begin this blog on June 8, to coincide with the start of the summer semester of the Concordia graduate program in Journalism…but you know how it is.

One month in and it has been pretty intense, we have been given assignment after assignment, sent out around Montreal and pushed to our limit. I couldn’t love it more.

I am currently taking three classes: Intro to Print Journalism, Intro to Broadcast Journalism, and Computer-Assisted Reporting. No explanation is really needed as the course titles say it all.

I will post assignments and more explanation soon, because I should be paying attention to Database learning right now!

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