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Multimedia story pitch

Next week in class is “story pitchfest” which involves, you guessed it, pitching a story to the class. But this isn’t a regular, “I have a story to pitch for your magazine”, pitch. It’s for online class and involves pitching a multimedia package, such as the one above (Globe and Mail’s Talking to the Taliban…hey, a png file!). My pitch won’t be as extreme asĀ  that, I’m not going to do a “My one-night-stand with Osama Bin Laden” (although would be hilarious and gross and widely read about). But as you can see, a multimedia package involves written articles, videos, discussions, perhaps a podcast and photos. It tells a whole story from conflict to resolution. I want to pitch a story that I could actually do, not a war story or a natural disaster thing. So what should I do?

Things I like: reading (not so exciting), playing video games (could find a potential angle there), playing sports (ooohhh, following a team? Been done), sleeping (boring). BUT there is a story in everything! I might find just a multimedia package about me sleeping boring but it’s not entirely boring. I could uncover the science of sleep with me as the subject. I could go to a sleep clinic and get footage of my sleeping (a little creepy) with the signals overlayed on the screen (in fast forward) of the various stages of sleep I go through. THAT would be cool. Hmm. I like this idea. Things to keep in mind (quoting directly from Webs: “Remember to think about what equipment you might need, and include that in your pitch, as well as possible sources, possible further avenues of research, and possible hurdles. How might you build interactivity into your piece? Who is your target audience? Are there any legal issues you can think of?”

I’m excited. From one-night-stands to actually sleeping. I think that’s my story pitch idea right there.


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