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Prorogue’ing parliament

My aunt wrote a great letter to the Governor General explaining her beliefs why she should not accept Stephen Harper’s wish to prorogue parliament. I agree. If you do too, copy and paste the letter below and send it Governor General Michaelle Jean at: info@gg.ca

Your Excellency,
I am writing to you on an issue of such importance that I am suspending my holiday activities in order to write in time: with all due respect I must insist, as a citizen, that Your Excellency not comply with the Prime Minister’s outrageous request to prorogue Parliament until after the Winter Olympics are over.  To do so would mean that Parliament would not resume sitting until March, and that all its committees, including the one recently struck to investigate the government’s complicity in the torture of Afghanis, would have their work stopped until then as well.
There is no good reason to stop Parliament’s pursuit of the nation’s business at this time, especially for so long a period.  It appears to be a purely self-interested political move, and shows a deep disrespect for our customary way of governing ourselves, and not for the first time.
Most importantly, party politics aside, it sets a very dangerous precedent if a sitting government, of whatever stripe, can shut down Parliament when faced with the prospect of uncomfortable publicity.
I must therefore insist, as a citizen, and with all due respect, that Your Excellency not let the Prime Minister get away, once again, with trampling on the insignia of what little his tenure in office has left us of our democracy, by complying with his anti-democratic request to prorogue Parliament.
Thank you.
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