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Radio Live Hit

For one of my radio room assignments, I went out to cover an event and called in to describe what was going on. Obviously, it was a slow news day. Here is my “Live Hit” from a coin unveiling.


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My radio appearance

I’ve been covering the Jean-Talon–Namur Revitalization project for Actualites CDN-NDG (read articles here and here) and CBC’s Daybreak decided to devote some of their show to the issue. I was called in as a resident of the borough (error there because I’m actually in Westmount) but primarily as a journalist who has covered the project’s development extensively. I have edited the 11-minute segment to include only my parts—the other guests were Peter McQueen, the city councillor for NDG, and Charles Hammer, the owner of Uptown Volvo which is currently right in the middle of the project area. Enjoy my first foray into professional radio! (Apologies for the initial static, goes away after a couple seconds)

Click here to hear the segment in full.

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Canadiens Streeter

That’s me on the Habs Centennial night. Yes, I’m a bit of a loser. I couldn’t get tickets that didn’t cost an arm and a leg so I wore all my Habs apparel (those are official Canadiens pyjama pants) and watched at home…I even live-tweeted the event.

To bring that celebration to school, I did a streeter—went out on the street and asked people on the street—for my radio class. Interesting responses. Here it is:

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Radio Class

For the first two months of the semester, half of my class was given a radio documentary assignment. Now that those are completed, we have an advanced radio class. Basically, we are given a different position each class—from Assignment Editor to Editorial. We meet at 12:15, set up the show and have three hours to put it all together. While paying attention to TV and Radio news that is ongoing, we prep. We do our interviews, we edit our audio, write our scripts…etc. It was definitely hectic at the beginning. Here is an example of my debrief.

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Radio Report

So one of the first assignments that we had to do for Intro to Broadcasting was a radio report. We were told to go out and find an event or a subject in which to record, regarding a conflict of some sort. We needed three voices (other than our own) and for it to be under 3 minutes long. We listened to CBC’s Newsworld and used that as a model.

I was told about an Iran protest that was being held in downtown Montreal and went to check it out. I was able to get good audio on two of the speakers. One was an organizer and the other was Denis Coderre, the Liberal MP of the Bourassa riding. I also interviewed a person at the scene. After that was done (and I had snuck in to the NHL draft which was right next door…booyaahh), I went home to work on Audacity (the editing program for audio) and to work on a script. Here is the finished result (click on link). I am still learning how to use the program and it’s not quite perfect…an example is the volume is too low.


I received an A- for this and Prof. Conter’s comments were my overusage of the word “solidarity.” He also said that a little less narrative would have been good.

Well, I am proud of my first dip into broadcasting!

Here is the script:

LEAVITT iran protest Duration: 00:02:18

Members of Montreal’s Iranian community held a candlelight vigil Friday night at Place du Canada as a sign of solidarity for their family members and friends in Iran. Many gathered around the John A. Macdonald monument for the tenth night of a series of “silent” protests against the election turmoil that has erupted in Iran.

Negal Madani spoke to the mostly Iranian crowd.

TAPE: Tonight is the 10th night that we gather here to commemorate those who lost their lives for democracy and to support the democratic movement. Today, away from our country, hand-in-hand, we join our voices to scream in silence so loudly that even the old history will hear us. With our silence, we condemn the tyranny and the lies.
Duration: 00:00:48

The vigil was held in support of those injured or killed in the sudden uprising against the electoral results.

M. Pasha was on hand to pass around spare candles and carnations.

TAPE: We were shocked by the results of an election. And in Iran, there a spontaneous movement starts. And unfortunately, many of our generation were killed because of this demonstration which was a completely peaceful demonstration. So 10,000 kilometres far from your country, you just want to do something. Something to say that you support them; they are important for you, and you have the same feeling as what happened there.
Duration: 00:01:02

The message was clear on this latest show of solidarity and it was one of peace and non-violence.

Denis Coderre, Liberal MP of the Bourassa riding offered some words of support to the crowd.

TAPE: Nous devons toutes et touts faire preuve de solidarité. Il y a qu’un seul chose qu’on doit l’accepter, c’est le respect des droits democratique.

We all have to show proof of solidarity, he said. The only thing we should accept is the respect of our democratic rights.

Sarah Leavitt, Loyola News, Montreal.
Duration: 00:00:37

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