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Rogers Cup 2009

Every year, at the beginning of August, I get myself ready for a week and a half of 100% tennis. For the past four years, I have been volunteering my time at the Rogers Cup in Montreal. I am lucky enough to work at Players’ Services in the Players Lounge which means I get to see all the behind-the-scenes action and meet all the players. It is an amazing opportunity for a tennis fan. Of course, I’m not going to lie and say I like to see the best player win, I’d really like to see Roger Federer win…well, because he is the best! This year, we are extra lucky to have him on board since his wife Mirka just gave birth to twin girls two weeks ago! While she is staying all snug in a rented mansion in Westmount, Federer divides his time between sleep deprivation with the twins and practising on site for the tournament. Yesterday, he wasn’t able to take the normal route to the practice court since it was overwhelmed with tennis fans hoping to catch a glimpse of the Number 1 ranked player. He actually took an SUV less than 200 metres to the court…that’s just how cool he is. Of course, Nadal had to do the same thing.

As a member of the Players Services committee, my function is to do whatever I can for the players, whether it be getting tickets to the AC/DC concert (for Tsonga and Nadal), booking flights to the next tournament (in Cincinnati), or getting accreditation for a player’s entourage. Usually, when the men are in town, my job is low-key as they often take care of things themselves. It seems when the women are in Montreal, my job is a bit more hectic as they rely more on us than their coach or agent. To tell you the truth, I prefer the men, 1. because my job is easier, 2. some are really really good looking, 3. men’s tennis is in a great position whereas women’s tennis seems to faltering with the seeded players lacking consistency. Not considering a forecast of scattered showers for the week, I think this tournament is shaping up to be a great warmup to the US Open.


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