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Website Critique

The Huffington Post

 Organization:             14/20

 Ease of use:                13/20

 Aesthetics:                  12/20

 Content Richness:     17/20

 Content Style:            17/20

 TOTAL:                     73/100

 Critique – The Huffington Post is a sensationalist news website that attracts people through huge headlines and photos and using the techniques of both a newspaper and a blog. The organization of the site is fairly simple. It is divided by subject and features a sidebar showcasing the most frequented/popular stories. I gave it 14/20 however because the home page is way too busy. I can never read from this site because there is too many options to choose from, from the home page to subjects like politics. The ease of use is complicated because of this and because the Home page scrolls on forever. Meanwhile, the photos and massive amount of links makes it hard to look at. Where it succeeds is in content. The sensationalist headlines and photos attract readers and the home page only offers a glimpse into the article or post. I think the comment section of each article should be linked to and not at the bottom of the article because this makes for continuing scrolling. The writing is entertaining and attention-grabbing. Overall grade of 73 out of 100.


 Organization:             17/20

 Ease of use:                17/20

 Aesthetics:                  17/20

 Content Richness:     15/20

 Content Style:            16/20

 TOTAL:                     82/100

 Critique – My parents continue to use Sympatico as their homepage despite my many tries to change it to Google. Then I really looked at it. It is a very decent website. The overall organization of the site is crisp. Divided by subject as well as different news organizations, this site is an amalgamation of news, weather, online games, shopping…etc. Looking at it in a strictly news sense, it’s appealing. The home page offers a lot of information but does so neatly. The aesthetic is clean. The top of the page flashes from news story to the next without being too distracting. The writing of the headlines are key here since that’s all you see. Once linked to an article written for Sympatico (not CTV News or CBC), the writing is not too dull, however, not extraordinary. An article that runs longer than 500 words links to a second page, instead of taking up a page and scrolling forever. Some of the pictures that relate to the article, though, are just too small. The site, like the Huffington Post, has a sidebar of popular articles, an element I think is crucial in a news site. Overall grade: 82/100.


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