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The Narcicyst

I was all bundled up in my sweats, a hat, and a blanket in front of the computer in my freezing cold house (refuse to turn the heat on until October) when a friend invited me out last minute to a concert of a Palestinian hip-hop group called Dam. I had had a more-than-boring weekend and decided to go for it. The concert was part of an ongoing series of concerts for Artists Against Apartheid. I wasn’t aware of this until I got there. I didn’t even know who Dam was and that the Narcicyst was opening for them. Yassin Alsalman, or the Narcicyst, is an Iraqi-born and Dubai-raised rapper who is now living in Montreal. His lyrics are socially conscious, not about getting drunk and doing ‘bitches,’ and he is renowned as a rapper who gets the word out about the Middle East. He is an enthusiastic MC and his back-up singers, Thelma and Louise from Euphrates, were amazing. K-os lost me after his second album and while K’naan is great, he can be a bit pop-y.  The Narcicyst is a refreshing find and he definitely gained a fan out of me last night.


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