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Think About Life

As part of the Osheaga “en ville”, Think About Life played at Le National last night with DD/MM/YYYY and Dead Wife. I showed up at 20h (on time!) and about 10 people were in the room. I was worried. A group of women in heels, short skirts and Jagermeister tanktops were handing out tattoos, wristbands, and buttons as a promotional gig. I couldn’t help but gag. It did pick up a bit but the opening acts of DD/MM/YYYY and Dead Wife were relatively tame. Dead Wife did mosh in the “crowd” for a bit. Things got busier with the headliners Think About Life up next. While it’s not exactly my type of music, it was fun. They were upbeat and playful with the onlookers. They kept things going from one song to the next. This Montreal band has a lot going for them. (Apologies for the audio…note to self, do not stand directly next to the speakers!)


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